All photography provided by Lisa Collins

Lisa Collins founded Education Through Engagement, LLC in 2008.   A seasoned educator in public school settings, Lisa noticed the inequality of educational service to struggling and marginalized learners.  She felt strong that individualized interventions must meet student's needs not the  needs of an educational system.

Lisa also noticed the need for supportive networks for teachers and leaders of color based on her own experience as a Black educator and leader. She knows that racial healing networks of support will be a benefit to learning communities.


Our Mission

Education Through Engagement, LLC delivers quality consultation, advocacy, equity and individualized educational planning to families and organizations through caring, humanistic, developmental and traditional methods.

Education Through Engagement, LLC creates and maintains networks of support for educators and leaders of color by providing networks of support, racial healing groups, job related problem solving collaboration and life coaching.

“Lisa Collins is the educator that everyone wants their child to have at least once in their lives. She is thoughtful, caring, innovative and extraordinary. Lisa goes the extra mile for every child she teaches. She changes children’s lives - children with special needs and typically developing teens. I highly recommend Lisa Johnson for any work that involves children, parents, educator training, etc.”

— Elaine Hall, Miracle Project Director


  • Educational Consulting

    educational guidance, planning and collaboration to support learning growth in educational settings

  • College Preparation Assessment and Planning
    parents and students will receive the knowledge and planning necessary for a successful college experience 

    Curriculum Planning

    • Learning Through Dance- Movement

    • Learning On The Move-

      Social Skills/experiential Learning

  • Equity Audits/ Assessments

    • Equity Readiness for organizations

    • Equity Planning

      • Equity Plans

        • Professional Development

  • Educator and Leaders of Color Support

    • Networks of Support

    • Racial Healing Groups

    • Work place Problem Solving

    • Life Coaching